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‘ello and welcome to Bnepo’s Fantage Cheats owned by Bnepo3. Here you can find Fantage help, guidance, and assistance as well as some ‘cheats’ and glitches. Information about us is put in the About Me and Authors page. All new posts are below, Fantage glitches and help is available on some pages and if you have any questions you may submit them to us through comments, a worker or myself(bnepo3 main owner) will try to get to you as soon as possible. There is a chat below to the right for you to discuss Fantage, or any other [appropriate]topic.



New Items at the Oasis Bazaar!



First of all, Fantage has updated their homescreen. I personally think there’s way too much going on. -.-’ M is back! And my password is so long it gets cut off. xD SECURITY. Past Halloween items have been brought back and are available for premium members/can be bought with eCoins. Ex: Also hair; a creepy skull mask. Very appealing. New arrivals at IDFone, Vintage Classics, and Jester’s Costumes, also. Aaaand there’s an eCoins sale going on. Phew, that’s a lot to take in. ~bnepo3 BTW. Stay tuned in to this blog, a new contest is coming! Prizes: Free eCoins(;


Fantage Secret Areas 





There are a couple few in the Lighthous(: Thanks, guys.

Use the sign to click the symbols that are on the dock’s posts.

The bush to the far right should open up, click the elevator twice.

You should be inside Dr. Finkelstein’s lab!

Another one at the Lighthouse: Go inside and then go upstairs.


There’s one in Mt. Fantage; the cave. I don’t think it works, though:/ just the sign is there.  Nope, that’s not one.

There’s another one in the Forest>Grotto. Sun-Bell-Leaf-Duck Boat. The order might change.

Go on the mushrooms.

Go on the little glider-thing and talk to the fairy.


Know any others? Comment(: 


Checkers Event 



It’s located in the cafeteria in the school. I’ll try and get the cat shirt tomorrow. TOO. MUCH. CHECKERS. For today:P ~bnepo3 R.I.P. Steve Jobs 


Free eCoins In Fantage

Quantcast**You’ll need an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad for this.**

Go to the App Store and download Fantage IDFone. [Or update if you already have it.]

Open it up and click the eCoins. Download the free apps.

After you’ve downloaded the apps, open them and you’ll get your eCoins.

Now you’ll have eCoins added into your Fantage account for free(:


Fantage Fall Video Contest 2011



You can get items: Red – Premium Black = Fair game ~bnepo3 ALSO! Captain Cody has come back! Find him – he’ll be in a new location every hour. I found him in Pet Town(: ~bnepo3 


Happy Birthday, Star!






Happy Birthday!

I know how much you love Twitter(; FOLLOW @PotterGrande if you have a Twitter ;3

Epic person, great friend, awesome blog:



Sunken Treasure Mission Walkthrough 


If you have any questions on a part of the mission, ask me(: Go to the Mission Center. (Uptown>Right>Elevator) Start the mission, Sunken Treasure. Watch the show. Click on Agent Scarlet. – Got it! I’m on my way. Go to the Lighthouse. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Okay. Go back to the mission center. (Uptown>to the right>Elevator) Click Agent Scarlet. – Let’s go after him! – OK! Talk to the scientist.[He’s on the right.] – The submarine must be completed! – Sure what do you need? – hmm… -Frosted glass? Frosted glass is found where they snowboard… Mt. Fantage! -Propeller? DOCKED… Oasis. -Periscope? COSTUME SHOP… Uptown. -I’ll bring it right away! Go to Mt. Fantage>Go to Ski Camp. Click the round thing. Go to the Oasis>Click the aeroplane>Click the orange thing. Now go Uptown and into Jester’s Costumes. Click the silver thing. Go back to the mission center. (Uptown>to the right>Elevator) Talk to the scientist. – Ok! – After Dr. Finkelstein! Follow these guidelines/surroundings: Go past the STRINGY GRASS. It’s light green, and looks like it’s blocking the path. Get this right or you have to do it over :/ MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Captain Cody will save you. ~bnepo3 


IDFone vs. iPhone App 





Search “Fantage” in the App Store. [Btw, Fantage, it’s show OFF not of.]

Download Fantage IDFone. [And Bullseye if you haven’t already]

It takes less than a minute to find/download and it’s FREE.

In an open space there will be the app button with Static’s face and IDFONE. Open>Sign in>View.

*For the moment you cannot view stickers*

You can collapse your Stars/eCoins balance. [Like you’re showing your friends and you don’t want them to be jealous xD]

You can view the medals as you would through a laptop/computer/netbook only if you are a non-member with premium medals everytime you click them you won’t get the annoying premium membership pop-up.

That is all :]


And no, you can not view your house, add buddies, or report users as you would in your traditional IDFone. 

IDFone on iPhone

That’s a little strange o.e Fantage really likes making apps. How about a Fantage app? I think they’re gonna make every single thing out there except the whole game xD

Tomorrow new level-locked items will be released.

“You’re gonna get powned by my pawn!” Really, Fantage? -__-’ it’s poned/pwned. Keep up. Anyways, I don’t think this chess game will be very popular… Chess is naturally confusing. “So you move this one up and down, right? “NOOOO! They only move forward and diagonal to the right.” e_e

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